Welcome to Haloz36, your one-stop shop for reliable emergency vehicle upfitting solutions. Have confidence in our years of experience and established relationships in the industry to ensure a superior upfitting experience. Our diligence and best in class customer service offers a simple turnkey approach to getting your road ready emergency vehicle built to your exact specifications.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality build in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

Your Convienient One-Stop-Shop for all your upfitting needs

Haloz36 is a full-service emergency vehicle upfitter with the goal of being a convenient one-stop-shop for all your upfitting needs. We are committed to providing the most current and proven technology and products.  We specialize in making complex installations simple, with the highest level of quality.  We work with local dealerships on vehicle acquisition allowing us to take delivery of vehicles that have been ordered.

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Expert Experience

Years of experience and established relationships in this industry.

Attention to Detail

Expertly installed equipment, quality materials, and experienced technicians leave nothing to be desired.

World Class Customer Service

Add 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on builds and wiring.  We are committed to excellence.

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Lights, Sirens, Consoles, Push Bumpers, Prisoner Security, Gun Boxes, and Gun Locks

Cameras, GPS, Radios, Radar Systems, Drone Systems and K-9

Custom Wiring Harnesses/Circuits, Fuse Boxes, Power Supply, Control Modules and Controllers

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